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The members of Fordia’s technical team have all been diamond drillers, so they understand the job. Having worked in all corners of the globe, they all have vast and varied experiences that provide them with an expertise ideally suited to helping Fordia customers across the globe

Our Technical Support Team

There isn’t much our team has not seen. By sharing their varied experience, our technical team can show you innovative solutions to drilling issues. Let them work with you to find solutions that will increase your productivity and lower your costs.

Jeff Dagg
Fordia Sudbury

When Jeff arrives on a client’s site, often his first line is “Give me one shift, if you don’t see results, I’ll take my tools and leave.” Jeff understands drillers, having been one for 15 years. Having travelled all over the world, he’s seen all kind of ground and all kinds of conditions.Now Jeff works at Fordia helping other drillers resolve unexpected problems or introducing new technology that can improve production.

Jeff works out of the Fordia Sudbury office and can be reached at

Lucas MacEwan
Fordia Vancouver

Lucas believes in getting to know his customers and finding common ground. While he often arrives at a customer site with an idea of the problem, he prefers to listen to customers before deciding on a course of action. “Often you learn that the problem is not what you thought. Drillers are professionals and I respect their experience. I try to build a relationship of mutual respect and trust – My sole focus is not to sell them products, rather to offer solutions to help make the drill site more efficient, sales will follow.”

Lucas can be found in Fordia’s Vancouver office, you can contact him at

Alexandre Lefebvre
Fordia Val-d’Or

Alexandre works out of the Val d’Or office at

Mathieu Dionne
Fordia Val-d’Or

After drilling for 8 years in Val d’Or, Mathieu now works at Fordia helping other drillers to find solutions to problems. “Finding a solution to a drilling problem is a special partnership. You cannot arrive at a drill site with a preconceived idea of how to solve the problem. I always collaborate with the driller – I have the products but he also has an expertise – together we work towards finding the best outcome or solution.”

Mathieu’s home base is in Val d’Or and he can be reached at

Éric Paquet
Fordia Montreal

Éric believes his role is to help drillers improve performance in a variety of ways including reducing costs, improving penetration rates, saving time and helping make better choices in equipment. His position is technical sales liaison and trainer and while he has never been a driller, his in-depth knowledge of Fordia’s products and drilling norms convinces customers to follow his suggestions to change their drilling parameters and try new products. “I don’t want customers to think I am second-guessing their choices or their expertise. I simply want to show them how a small adjustment or a different product can make a big difference to their bottom line.”

Éric works out of the Fordia Montréal office and can be reached at

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