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Product Code and Glossary Convertor

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Fordia  now has new product codes and product descriptions and with all of these changes, it can get a little confusing. To help make the transition easier, for the time being, all of our products will have our old product codes along with our new ones. In addition, here is a tool that you can use for the following functions .


Cross reference new and old product codes
Ex. X-XXX-XX-XX-XX = 9469 7XXX XX


Find the product description for any code
Ex. 9469 7XXX XX = DiscovOre Head Assembly NO


View the meaning of abbreviations for  new product descriptions
Ex. CBL = core barrel assembly   –   c/lifter = core lifter   –   sh/sh = shoulder to shoulder


For any questions regarding how to use this convertor, please contact us directly at