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Vulcan – engineered to go deeper (in)

Vulcan – engineered to go deeper (in)

Montreal, January 11, 2012

On September 7, 2011, Fordia consolidated its technology leadership with the introduction of its latest innovation in diamond tools – the Vulcan 26 mm. Allowing important savings, it has already proven its efficiency on drill sites, thanks to its patent-pending water management system.

Specifically designed for deep hole drilling, the Vulcan 26 mm offers greater lifespan than a 12 mm and increases the number of metres drilled per shift. The result is significant increase in productivity and time savings.

“The Vulcan 26 mm offers unprecedented lifespan,” says Fordia’s R&D Director. “It delivers as much as double the lifespan of a standard diamond tool. With this extended lifespan, the drill string does not need to be pulled up as often, reducing the amount of drilling downtime.”

With the industry’s highest diamond impregnation, the Vulcan 26 mm offers unparalleled advantages. The secret of the Vulcan 26 mm’s longevity is its water management system. It is composed of underbridge destructible barriers, currently patent-pending, which manage the water and drilling debris better than any competitive product and protect the tool, offering longer lifespan. The destructible barriers push the water circulation all the way to the top of the bit to ensure cooling and consistent wearing in order to optimize use of the tool and avoid premature eroding.

HERO 7 Bit Vulcan Configuration

As part of the Vulcan Series of products, the Vulcan 26 mm benefits from the proven technology used in earlier products – the entire series has the patented bridge technology. The series’ 16mm and 26mm crown heights can be applied on Fordia’s top-selling matrices, such as HERO and T Xtreme, making it extremely flexible in meeting the varied needs of different drill sites. Vulcan 26 mm performs best in medium to hard ground types and is best used when applied on matrices designed for the same ground.

For optimal use, Fordia recommends either pie-shape or turbo pie-shape configurations. Deep hole options are also available for the Vulcan 26 mm; CB250 facilitates the passage of the core bit in the wedge and CB112 eases the hole entry and offers greater alignment. Both virtually eliminate the risk of catching and dramatically reduce the amount of water wasted.


Fordia offers global drilling solutions to its customers with a complete range of diamond tools, equipment and accessories for the mineral exploration and geotechnical industries. The company is a worldwide leader in its industry, offering quality products that meet the specific needs of drilling companies while providing outstanding customer service and technical support.

Fordia’s corporate culture is dedicated to continuous improvement and bases its business practices on the values of respect, communication, innovation, teamwork, excellence and responsible wealth creation.

Fordia employs  people in Canada and throughout the world. The company has offices on all continents and is represented by its branches and distributors in 25 countries. For further information about Fordia, please visit


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