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The 2,000 Meter Club: A New Game Just for Drillers

Happy holidays to everyone. The holidays are almost over, and the New Year is around the corner. By now, a lot of you will have received our holiday gifts and one of those gifts is a card game called the 2,000 Meter Club. Maybe it was the quarantine, but we got inspired and came up with an idea to turn a famous game into a core drilling version. Diamond drilling is not the most well-known of industries so it’s pretty great that there is now a game that was created just for you.

The Many Ways of Transporting Drilling Equipment

Drill sites can be found all over the world, often in some very remote areas. Getting equipment to these sites can be tough.  It’s always interesting to learn about the various methods of transport equipment suppliers and drilling companies use. Some of these methods may surprise you.

Des nouvelles directement chez vous

Des nouvelles directement chez vous