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How to Stabilize Your Core Barrel

When the geologist has given you a specific target to reach with your bore hole, many of them will make specific requests that a hole proceed in a very straight direction for a certain number of meters. A lot will be riding on your ability to get there without your bore hole deviating. Most diamond drillers know that preventing bore hole deviation is a lot easier than having to correct once it’s gone off the trajectory. One way to avoid the risk of deviation is to stabilize your core barrel before you start drilling and you do this by changing some of the equipment you usually use.

8 Tips for Increasing Productivity in Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is all about productivity. Drillers and the companies they work for are all interested in finding ways to increase productivity. Sometimes, one major issue will have a negative impact on drilling productivity, and fixing it is all it takes. Sometimes, productivity is improved by tweaking a bunch of little things. If you adjust several things, the results can make a big difference. So this blog looks at x tips for increasing your productivity.

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