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Additions to our Product Line

Fordia is always striving to help improve drillers’ performance through innovation. Visit this page often to learn about the latest advances, updates, new products and changes to our product line.

Meet the newest addition to the RockStar line of products

The RockStar 9 takes versatility and performance to a new level. By adjusting drilling parameters, this new core bit allows drillers to increase the penetration rate without sacrificing bit life. In shallow holes and underground drilling where conditions are variable, it provides high penetration rates. With a sufficiently powerful drill rig, drillers can push on the bit to get even higher penetration rates. In deep-hole, controlled drilling, the RockStar 9 stays sharp, even with lower weight on bit, providing excellent performance and extended bit life.

Rockstar 9 - Fordia

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Push and Pull Diamond Impregnated Bit

Fordia is always looking for ways to improve drilling performance and make drillers’ lives easier. Our push and pull impregnated bit succeeds as it is a specialized used to expand the diameter of a bore hole. This is a much larger bi-directional bit with a diamond matrix, just like a typical core bit.

The push and pull bit is great because it is efficient and saves time – it is much easier and quicker to expand an existing smaller hole than to drill a large diameter hole.

RockStar 10

A new star is born with the RockStar 10, part of Fordia’s underground drilling solution.

This new core bit is a series 10 matrix that is very versatile, adapts well to variable grounds and offers good resistance to rock abrasiveness. It self-sharpens and works well with less powerful drill rigs. The RockStar 10 is an ideal choice for smaller diameters making it great for underground drilling.
RockStar 10 is a great addition to our line of core bits and will help you become a drilling rock star!

Vulcan Branding

Core bits with the Vulcan configuration will have a new look. The Vulcan sticker will be smaller but affixed to the crown of the bit and it will be used in combination with the brand sticker.

This change will clearly indicate that the term Vulcan refers to an optional crown height configuration for selected core bits and not an individual brand of core bit.

GeoHawk Line Has Grown

GeoHawk products were developed to provide the versatility needed to drill through all the types of diverse ground you could encounter in geotechnical and environmental drilling. With the addition of the GeoHawk Blue and Green, the line now includes 3 matrices.

GeoHawk Blue: is a great tool for drilling in softer ground such as shale and limestone and for ground that is fractured and filled with boulders. It has a long life and is extremely durable – all at an excellent price point.

GeoHawk Green: is a versatile and reasonably-priced drilling bit, perfect for medium to hard ground. It adapts very well to ground with varying degrees of hardness.

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