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Auger Accessories

Auger Heads
Choose from a broad range of quality auger heads for auger drilling, including both auger finger type, conical, conical spade and more. Their standardized design can be easily adapted to all types of augers, to meet your needs.

Auger Cutter bits
Fordia offers high-quality steel auger cutter bits for auger heads in a selection of sizes and types.

Double Adaptor Caps
All sizes of double adaptor caps are available from Fordia.

Auger pilots
The cutter head design allows the auger pilot to be positioned slightly ahead of the cutter head, allowing the pilot to empty the auger. This crucial component is available from Fordia in all standard diameters and replacement parts are available as well.

Continuous Samplers
Fordia provides continuous samplers for collecting core samples in a choice of two sizes: 3-1/4 inch and 4-1/4 inch.

Auger parts
Fordia distributes the auger parts you need in most auger configurations and sizes. Fordia offers auger bolts, U-pins, auger pin adaptors, and many other items.


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