Cable and Gripping Products

Carbide Inserts

Fordia provides a wide selection of carbide inserts to fit different jaws and grippers. Choose from popular brands such as Longyear, Boyles and Christensen.

Carbide Grippers

Fordia carbide grippers have an excellent grip and feature a long product life to make your job easier.

Oval Sleeves and Pliers

Fordia has all necessary sizes of copper and aluminum oval sleeves, as well as the appropriate pliers.


Fordia distributes different types of cables available in lengths of up to 6,000 feet (1,800 metres), including wireline cables and hoisting cables.

Carbide grippers


Oval sleeves with pliers

Part Number
Carbide inserts
Carbide Gripper insert Round Tip
Tungsten Carbide insert Christensen Type
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