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DD-955 – Matex

Viscosifying multicharge and stabilizer of argillous shale, saprolite, kimberlite and talc.


Matex Range

Fordia distributes products from Matex, the leader in environmentally safe drilling additives. Matex products make it possible to maximize results while improving drilling sample recovery, reducing costs and extending the life of the equipment, which increases productivity.


  Use   Product   Reference
  Viscosity control
  DD-2000   41-007
  DD-955   41-009
  Ultravis   41-027
  Fluid control   DD X-Pand (coarse)   41-004
  DD X-Pand (fine)   41-005
  SLO-Freeze ES   40-018
  Torque reducer   Torqueless   41-025
  Vibra Stop   41-003
 Stabilizer   Sand Drill   40-017



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