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Elepump KF-50M – for mud

The latest from Elepump is a lightweight and smaller model that can be easily transported by two men. The KF-50M is ideal for underground drilling or for any drill rig with limited space. Despite its size, the KF-50M is a heavy-duty pump that performs well in extreme conditions and handles water and all types of specialized additive mixes, including bentonite and quick-setting cement.

The Elepump KF-50M requires minimal maintenance and offers long life.


  • Positive displacement reciprocating triplex piston pump
  • Pistons made of abrasion-resistant NBR, Kevlar energized
  • Self-cleaning ball valves
  • Splash lubrication
  • High heat dissipation patented crankcase


Assembly options:

  • Hydraulic
    Hydraulic assemblies are mounted on lightweight yet durable skids that are powder–coated and made with seamless, folded metal to provide more durability. The ideal pressure pump set-up for most drill sites.
  • 10 HP Diesel
    This is an ultra-compact assembly that can be easily transported by helicopter and is easy to maintain and repair.
  • 30 HP Diesel
    This sturdy configuration offers greater power, long lifespan and is the ideal choice as a supply pump in high-demand drilling conditions. It features a robust engine, heavy-duty radiator and is easy to maintain and repair.



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