EMCI Geotechnical Drill Rigs

Fordia Powered by Epiroc offers a variety of machines from manufacturer EMCI, ranking from 15 to 150hp. Our wide range of options and equipment for each product category allows you to choose the right drill and customize it according to your type of activity.

Our machines are EC certified, they comply with the European standard EN16228 and the national regulations transposing it. Each machine model is independently checked by an approved body before it is launched.

E 2.20

  • Diesel engine 17.6kW Yanmar
  • Weight from 980 to 1400kg

E 3.50

  • Diesel engine 23.5kW Yanmar
  • Weight from 1900 to 2300kgs

E 4.50

  • Diesel engine 35kW Yanmar
  • Weight from 2450 to 2700kgs

E 7.50L

  • Diesel engine 55.4kW Deutz
  • Weight from 2950 to 3400kgs

E 7.50

  • Diesel engine 55.4kW Deutz
  • Weight from 3800 to 4200kgs






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