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Now offered in 4 matrices, the GeoHawk line of products were developed to provide the versatility needed to drill through all the types of diverse ground you could encounter  in geotechnical and environmental drilling. Drillers especially appreciate their ability to drill through urban terrain that may contain landfill materials.

Blue GeoHawk
An ideal tool for drilling in softer ground such as shale and limestone and for ground that is fractured and filled with boulders. The blue GeoHawk has a long life and is extremely durable – all at an excellent price point.

Green GeoHawk
As a versatile and reasonably-priced drilling bit, the green GeoHawk is perfect for medium to hard ground. It adapts very well to ground with varying degrees of hardness.

Orange GeoHawk
Perfect for hard ground, the orange GeoHawk includes all the required features for effectively drilling through granite, gabbro, diorite or hematite rock. It is a matrix of medium durability that is specifically designed for these types of ground.

Yellow GeoHawk
For difficult drilling conditions in hard to extremely hard ground, the GeoHawk Yellow provides performance that is superior to others in this line of products. Its matrix makes it an ideal choice for Quartzite, Jasperite and Taconite, among others.



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