Husky Drill Rods and Casing

Husky drill rods and casing are quality-crafted in DCDMA standard sizes and provide a tight mechanical seal. Our drill rods are heat treated to provide greater wear resistance in all drilling applications. They comply with ISO 9001:2015 Certification standards.

Husky products feature an anti-rust coating and are ready for drilling. Each thread is lubricated with a protective compound. Fordia recommends the use of an anti-seize compound on the threads of the entire Husky line of rods and casing. We advise the use of Z50 PIPE DOPE on the threads and recommend that this product remain on the threads. This product, or an equivalent anti-seize compound with 50% zinc particle content, must be used for the entire life of the rod and casing, to prolong the life of the rods and casing and to prevent wear and galling.

Fordia is commited to respecting the environment, so in order to reduce environmental impact, Husky products are safely shipped using recyclable cardboard packaging and steel caps. Packaging for Husky drill rods and casing is entirely recyclable and does not contain any plastic.

Our rods and casing are made of superior quality materials, but more important is what happens if you encounter challenges. Our technical crews are second to none when it comes to providing on site assistance. They will analyze and diagnose the situation then find the quickest way to get you up and running, which is what you need to optimize drilling performance. We have published a popular guide on protecting and handling your drill rods which answers many questions.

To provide drillers with more options, drill rods with R threads are now available.

Husky Drill Rods

Husky Drill Rods Bundle

Husky Drill Rods Endcap

Drill Rods

Drill Rods

Dimension | Length
Part. No.
BO | 5 '
NO | 5 '
Contact us for more dimensions.
Tel. : 1 800-768-7274

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