Matex Core Drilling Additives

Fordia distributes products from Matex, the leader in environmentally safe drilling additives. Matex products make it possible to maximize results while improving drilling sample recovery, reducing costs and extending the life of the equipment, which increases productivity.

Viscosity Control

New Core Wrap

Core Wrap is a new powdered polymer that helps improve core recovery, especially in difficult ground conditions.  As the name suggests, this drilling fluid additive wraps the core in a protective film that helps prevent crumbling and breakage. The protective film also adheres to the walls of the bore hole to increase stability of the hole. Core Wrap is a premium product that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous, making it ideal for drilling operations in areas with environmental restrictions.

  • Enhances core recovery
  • Great for difficult ground conditions
  • When mixed with Torqueless, lubricates equipment and reduces friction


DD-2000 is a viscosifying powder for overburdened, sandy or gravel terrain. It coats the inside walls of the borehole, protecting it and helping to control water loss. It raises the viscosity of the drilling fluids so that cuttings can be more easily flushed out, helping to cool and protect the core bit.


DD-955 is a viscosifying stabilizer of argillous shale, saprolite, kimberlite and talc, also known as a clay or shale inhibitor. It is a product that that is absorbed directly into the clay and shale and reduces in-hole swelling and instability.


ULTRAVIS is a highly concentrated liquid that rapidly develops into a very high viscosity fluid when mixed with water. It is an excellent inhibitor against shales, clays, fractured zones, sand and blocky formations, and contaminants.

DD 605L

DD 605L is a drilling fluids thinner that lowers the mud viscosity and gel strengths of all conventional water-based drilling fluids.  It is a synthetic organic liquid polymer that is environmentally safe. DD 605L helps with filtration control and is ideal for eliminating in-hole mud rings and overcoming differential sticking of rods. After using DD 605L, follow up with Torqueless to help prevent the return of bit balling and mud rings.

Fluid Control

Slo-Freeze ES

This additive is an environmentally safe liquid, alcohol and ethelyne glycol free product that extends the time it takes for drilling water to freeze.

Torque Reducer


The ULTIMATE drilling product for reducing hole torque, limiting wear and rusting of the rods while extending the life of the drill bit. Using Torqueless enhances all other polymers and should be added to every mix to reduce clumping.


Sand Drill

This drilling additive solidifies non-stable grounds such as sand, gravel or cobble terrain. Its gel like consistency helps consolidate a crumbly core sample so that it can be retrieved intact.

DD X-Pand

An environmentally safe, solid, granular polymer that helps minimize water loss. When introduced to water, DD X-Pand expands 50 to 100 times its size, making it an ideal application to shut off water flows or plug voids.

DD X-Pand (Coarse)

An effective product that allows drilling through highly fissured or fractured formations. DD X-Pand (Coarse) can be used as a plug or pill application to shut off water flows and plug voids.

DD X-Pand (Fine)

DD X-Pand (Fine) can be used while drilling through fissured and crevassed terrain or formations with small fractures.

Matex Family

Core Wrap

Matex DD 2000

Matex Torqueless

Matex Sand Drill

Matex DD 955

Matex Ultravis


Matex DD 605

Matex Slo Freeze ES

Viscosity Control
Core Wrap (9469709688)
Viscosity Control
DD-2000 (9469709658)
Viscosity Control
DD-955 (9469709660)
Viscosity Control
Ultravis (9469709670)
Viscosity Control
DD 605 (9469709659)
Fluid Control
SLO-Freeze ES (9469709636)
Torque Reducer
Torqueless (9469709669)
Sand Drill (9469709635)
DD X-Pand Coarse (9469709655)
DD X-Pand fine (9469709656)

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