Prism Core Bit Profile

Exploration diamond drilling will often require the use directional tools, such as a wedge, to help steer the borehole.  Once the wedge is in the bore hole, care needs to be taken with all the down hole tooling especially the diamond bit, as it can suffer damage to the tip of the crown or worse, drill through the wedge. Our PRISM60 crown profile provides the perfect solution.

PRISM60 Crown Profile

This specialized bit is the best choice for making the first cut and drilling past wedges already set in the bore hole. The Prism60 bit has a smoother 60 degree chamfer on the leading edge of the bit and the inner and outer diameters have been reinforced with diamonds to provide better cutting capabilities.

Instead of the usual “w” pattern, the crown of the wedge bit is flat to provide more matrix and longer life. New and improved waterways also ensure that sufficient water flow reaches the shoulder of the bit to cool it adequately and keep it intact.

  • Optimized waterways for better cooling of the crown at the contact of the wedge blade
  • Improved outer gauge protection
  • Superior angle of attack on the face of the bit for successful drilling past a wedge
  • More reinforcement at the shoulders with carbide strips to maintain gage
  • Comes in a choice of matrices according to ground hardness

Prism CB60 Crown profile

Prism Core Bit Profil

HO CB60, HERO7 13mm 10WW PIE188
HOTT CB60, HERO9A 13mm 8WW PIE250 triple deep WW
NO2OS CB60, HERO9 13mm 10WW STD125
NO2 CB60, Rockstar 10 13mm 10WW STD125
NO2 CB60, Rockstar 9 13mm 9WW PIE125
NO2 CB60, TX 9-11 12mm 10WW STD125
NO2 CB60, TX 9-11 12mm 10WW STD125
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