Reaming Shells

The reaming shell is an integral part of a diamond drilling system and acts as a coupling between the core bit and the outer barrel. It reams the hole to the proper size, and stabilizes the bottom of the drill string.

Fordia White Rhino and Black Rhino reaming shells are made with high-quality, synthetic and natural diamonds, embedded in a highly resistant matrix. The friction-resistant tungsten carbide inserts found on the leading edges of the ring provide additional protection and increased lifespan.

White Rhino reaming shells are also available in longer lengths for improved protection against drill hole deviation. Available in both 10 and 18 inches, these products have a greater number of contact points than standard reaming shells and are specially designed to achieve optimal straightness. They represent the perfect balance between performance and value.

White Rhino – 6 inch

6 inch White Rhino (15 cm) reaming shell features one diamond ring, which is standard and effective in the majority of competent bore holes. It is used for every kind of rock hardness or ground condition and is the minimum reamer requirement to provide minimum stabilization.

  • One ring completely covered with diamonds

White Rhino – 10 inch

10-inch White Rhino reaming shells should be considered when bore hole deviation becomes an issue. With two rings, they provide a greater number of contact points than standard reaming shells. A 10-inch White Rhino is a good choice for underground drilling where adequate space can be a challenge and an 18 inch reaming shell may be just a bit too much.

  • 2 diamond rings completely covered in diamonds to provide improved protection against bore hole deviation.

White Rhino – 18 inch

18-inch White Rhino reaming shells feature 4 rings provide additional core barrel stabilization that will help control and reduce deviation. They feature diamond rings that cut into the rock to widen and efficiently stabilize the drill string, as well as two additional rings to reduce friction and deviation.

  • 2 diamond rings in front with a higher concentration of diamonds to maintain the precise diameter of the bore hole.
  • 2 other rings with a higher concentration of carbide wear pads to help stabilize the rod string.

Black Rhino

Fordia’s Black Rhino reaming shells provide optimal performance in low torque requirements with less risk of premature wear. Made with high-quality, synthetic diamonds, and a durable matrix. Friction-resistant, the well-designed matrix provides extra protection and maximizes lifespan.

  • Ideal for low torque drill rigs often used in underground drilling
  • Maximum active surface helps limit deviation

Reaming Shells Family

Black Rhino

BG Fordia Hole Deviation White Rhino

White Rhino 6in

White Rhino 10in

White Rhino 18in

Reaming Shells

NO White Rhino 6"
NTW White Rhino 6"
NO M10 Matrix 6"
HO White Rhino 6"
HO White Rhino 6" Hard Facing
HO M10 Matrix 6"
HO White Rhino 18"
HO Oversize OD | 3.850 WR 6"
HTW White Rhino 6"
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