RockStar core bits are ideal for shallow holes and underground drilling where conditions are variable, and provide excellent penetration rates. Diamond drillers can adjust their drilling parameters to increase penetration rate without sacrificing bit life. With a sufficiently powerful drill rig, drillers can push on the bit to get even higher penetration rates.

For drilling operations where a less powerful drill rigs are being used, this line of core bits really shines. RockStar core bits stay sharp even with lower weight on bit (WOB), providing excellent performance and extended bit life. This line includes two self-sharpening matrices that when used with the recommended waterway configurations (deep lateral discharge or lateral discharge), will provide good resistance against rock abrasiveness and help improve tool life.

RockStar 9

The RockStar 9 is an excellent choice for ground between 5.5 and 7 on Mohs scale for rock hardness.

RockStar 10

The RockStar 10 is ideal for ground between 6 and 7.5 on Mohs scale for rock hardness. It is a good choice for smaller diameters, such as BTW and LTK48, as well as NWL2.

RockStar family

RockStar 9

Rockstar 10

NWL2 Rockstar 9 Vulcan 20mm
NWL Rockstar 9
NWL2 Rockstar 9 Vulcan 26mm
HWL Rockstar 9 Vulcan 16mm
NWL2 Rockstar 10 Vulcan 20mm
NWL Rockstar 10 Vulcan 16mm
NWL Rockstar 9 Vulcan 16mm
BWL Rockstar 9 Vulcan 16mm
HWL Rockstar 10
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