Vulcan Configuration

The Vulcan series is a core bit configuration that features a higher crown and higher diamond impregnation,  allowing you to improve bit life and replace the core bit less often. The higher the crown, the more meters you can achieve before having to change a bit.  This is important in deep hole drilling as the Vulcan configuration can reduce the number of rod pulls required.

Vulcan 16 mm
The Vulcan 16 mm is the ideal choice for deep hole drilling. Its higher diamond impregnation allows you to replace the core bit less often. Designed with patented bridge technology that reinforces diamond sections, the Vulcan 16 mm may be ordered in all matrices offered by Fordia.

Vulcan 20 mm
Featuring the same patented technology as the 16 mm and the 26 mm , the Vulcan 20 mm provides you with an additional option.  It is the perfect choice for deep holes when 16 mm is not enough and 26 mm may be too much. The Vulcan 20 mm is available for selected matrices offered by Fordia.

Vulcan 26 mm
With 26 mm of diamond impregnation, Fordia’s Vulcan 26 mm is a specialized configuration that allows you to significantly increase productivity. The Vulcan 26mm is designed with two patents: the bridges reinforcing the diamond segments and the vertical pins that restrict circulation of drilling fluids. These features ensure cooling of the crown, so you can optimize every millimetre of the matrix. The Vulcan 26 mm is available for selected matrices offered by Fordia.

Vulcan configuration family

Vulcan configuration 16mm

Vulcan configuration 20mm

Vulcan configuration 26mm

Diamond Coring Bit

Vulcan 16mm | T Xtreme 9-11 NO 9WW TPS125
Vulcan 16mm | HERO 11 NO 9WW TPS100
Vulcan 16mm | T Xtreme 9-11 NO2 9WW STD188
Vulcan 16mm | T Xtreme 9-11 NO 10WW STD125
Vulcan 16mm | HERO 7 HO 10WW STD188
Vulcan 16mm | HERO 7 NO 9WW TPS125
Vulcan 16mm | HERO 9 Abrasive HO 10WW PIE188
Vulcan 16mm | 929 NO 9WW TPS100
Vulcan 16mm | T Xtreme 9-11 WL56 7WW TPS125
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