Core Boxes

Plastic Core Boxes

Fordia’s Grey Squirrel plastic core boxes cost about the same per meter as wood core boxes but offer an overall greater lifespan, as they are heat-resistant and aren’t damaged by metal wires. Furthermore, plastic core boxes are light and therefore easier to carry and stack.

Wood Core Boxes

Wood core boxes have been used throughout the industry for decades, as they are much more resistant than cardboard core boxes. They can be reused over and over since their robust material ensures great durability.

Waxed Cardboard Core Boxes

In addition to being truly economical, waxed cardboard core boxes are foldable and take very little space, which facilitates their transport and storage.

Waxed Cardboard Core Boxes

Waxed Cardboard Core Boxes

Plastic core box

Wood core box

Core box BWL-NWL waxed cardboard
Core box HWL 1m plastic top/bottom
Core box HWL wood top & bottom 60"
Core box NWL 60" ext. / 57'' int.
Core box NWL wood top & bottom 60"
Core box PWL3 wood top & bottom 60"
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