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The next generation of 10 and 18-inch White Rhino reaming shells

Montreal, March 5, 2013

Fordia is always listening to its customers and constantly seeking to improve its products. Therefore, Fordia is proud to introduce the next generation of White Rhino reaming shells to the international market.

With new manufacturing techniques, Fordia has created reaming shells with better concentricity and increased durability, and thereby improving the products’ overall performance.

Available in both 10 and 18 inches, these products have a greater number of contact points than standard reaming shells and are specially designed for optimal straightness, which helps to minimize drill hole deviation. They are built for drilling the deepest holes.


White Rhino 18in G

These specialized shells are made with high-quality, synthetic and natural diamonds, embedded in a highly resistant matrix. They have additional protection made from wear-resistant tungsten carbide to maximize lifespan.

The 10-inch White Rhino is equipped with two rings fully covered with diamonds, while the 18-inch White Rhino is equipped with two diamond rings that cut into the rock to widen and efficiently stabilize the drill string, as well as two additional rings to reduce friction and achieve optimal straightness.

Concentricity measurements are taken on the shell rings to ensure proper alignment. These measurements result in greater stability, increased lifespan and ultimately help to reduce drill hole deviation.

As always, Fordia focuses on innovation by offering high-performance and durable products to maximize its customers’ productivity

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