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4  Simple Tools You Need to Become a Drilling Mud Mixing Pro

Many earlier blogs have been written on drilling fluid additives and how they can bring great benefits to a drilling operation. Benefits like longer life for your core bits, less torque, reduced rust, less wear and tear, better core recovery, improved drilling performance and more. But before you can reap all these benefits, you need to know how to mix them properly. There are four simple tools that you should have in your toolbox that will help ensure the best drilling mud.

NEXT Top 10 Non-Drilling Related Skills for Diamond Drillers

A few weeks ago we published list of the top 10 skills diamond drillers should have mastered – skills that were not drilling related. The list we had come up with was too long to publish in one blog, so we published the first 10.

Here now is the follow up to that blog – the next top 10 skills that you may want to master in order to be a competent man in today’s world.

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