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How Fractured Ground Conditions Affect Diamond Drilling

The kind of ground conditions a driller encounters will play a huge role in how the project goes and the types of decisions he will need to make.  Ground conditions include more than just the hardness of the ground and choosing the right matrix for a particular hardness. While important, other decisions will need to be made.

Tattoo Trends for Diamond Drillers

Over the years, I’ve seen many tattoos on many drillers’ arms, even tattoos of drilling products. Has it been a while since your last addition of ink? Yes, tattoos are addictive and like the chips, you can’t have just one. If you are getting a little antsy and looking for a new tattoo, this blog will show you some of the newest trends and what great tattoo artists are up to. If you’re not into getting inked, then you can still appreciate some of the amazing work done by these artists.

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