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The Role of Waterways in Configurations: 3 Factors to Consider

Choosing a core bit configuration has always been considered to be a bit of a mystery, right up there with how to choose the right core bit. Because there are so many to choose from, drillers usually stick to a few of their favourites for as long as they provide good performance. When performance starts to suffer, they need to try something new.

An 8th Reason to Choose GeoHawk Products for Geotechnical Drilling

Back in November 2015, we published a blog offering 7 reasons why Geohawk products were a good choice for geotechnical drilling. As we have said in various blogs, selecting the right core bit can be a complex decision that must take into account many variables. Often geotechnical or environmental drillers will choose the same core bits as diamond drillers and this can be a mistake.

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