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La perforación es un trabajo duro. Fordia hace que sea más fácil.

Nuestro objetivo es mejorar el desempeño de perforación.

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3 Reasons Why Geotechnical Drillers Need an Elepump KF-50M

Geotechnical drilling is different from diamond drilling yet sometimes they can both benefit from the same piece of equipment. The Elepump KF-50M mud pump is a case in point. One of our geotechnical drilling customers recently used this great little pump and it resulted in a quick case study that provided three good reasons why geotechnical drilling companies should consider using a KF-50M pump and I’m going to share them with you here.

4 Geology Terms Diamond Drillers Need to Know

Geology is really tied to diamond drilling and although geologists are key players in drilling operations, drillers need to have a basic understanding of geology. The deeper the hole – the more that geological influences become complex. We wrote a blog a while ago on geology basics that drillers should understand. As more and more new drillers and helpers are joining the world of diamond drilling, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit geology and in particular, geological terms that drillers should know.

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