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La perforación es un trabajo duro. Fordia hace que sea más fácil.

Nuestro objetivo es mejorar el desempeño de perforación.

Exploración minera

Exploración geotécnica y ambiental

Asistencia tecnica

More to Learn about Drilling Deep Holes

When we wrote our blog on how to drill really deep holes, we try to include the most important information and tips. Sometimes however, there is too much to cover in one single blog. We want our blogs to be easy to read and not take you too long to get through. The subject of drilling deep holes is an important one and there was information that was not covered in the blog.

Watch and Learn How Not to Ruin Your Core Bit

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true, then a video should be worth a million. Everyone I know prefers to watch a video so I’m always happy when we can offer our customers a video to help explain drilling procedures. Many people in mineral exploration industry are technical and very visual so an animated video is one of the best ways to illustrate how things work.

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