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Vulcan & Jet-Enhanced; The Options When You Need Higher Crowns

17 de agosto de 2022

Herramientas diamantadas Mayor vida útil de la broca 2022

Posted by Rod McCoremick

When the drilling operation calls for a deep hole, extra care and experience are required, and no driller wants to make a mistake. There are a lot of advice and suggestions about how to drill a deep hole and choosing the right core bit is something to consider carefully.

Of course, you should first choose a bit matrix that is suitable for the ground condition in which you will be drilling. The next thing to consider is the height of the crown. A bit with a higher crown and a higher diamond impregnation could be the ideal choice. By using a crown that is 16, 20 or 26mm you will be able to improve bit life and reduce the number of pullouts. It is really important to remember that you should only opt for a higher crown if you have a good understanding of the ground.


Once you are certain you need a core bit with an extended crown, you will have a few choices. At Fordia Powered by Epiroc, we offer the Vulcan and the Jet-Enhanced. While similar, they are designed for different applications.


The Vulcan configuration is an option that can be selected with most core bits when you need a higher crown and higher diamond impregnation, and when you want to extend the lifespan of your favourite matrix. A higher crown needs to be reinforced and the Vulcan does this with a patented bridge design that reinforces the diamond segments. The Vulcan offers good flexibility with configurations. The Vulcan is available in 16, 20 and even 26 mm crown heights.


The combination of a Vulcan with a Turbo-Pie-Shaped (TPS) configuration is a popular choice and is used for competent ground. This option has a reduced cutting surface which means it cuts more freely.


In broken ground conditions, the Jet-Enhanced becomes the right high crown choice due to its extra strong segments. It also has a reduced cutting surface which reduces the drill power requirement and enhances the rate of penetration by increasing the load on each segment. The Jet-Enhanced is optimized for reduced water consumption and features good ejection of fluids and cuttings.


We realize that drillers sometimes have strong preferences for certain types of diamond tools and equipment and that they may not be comfortable trying something new. That’s why we offer a wider range of choices. The good news is that both Vulcan and Jet-Enhanced are excellent options when you need an extended crown. If you aren’t sure about which to pick, you can always reach out to our technical support team who will be happy to guide your choices.