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Onsite Technical Visits: Large Diameter Bore Holes

I often remind our readers that our technical team does onsite visits, but I’ve had a few questions about what they can do while on an onsite visit. There are many types of onsite visits. Sometimes, the team will address a particular problem like poor bit life, or poor water return. Sometimes they will instruct a drilling team how to use a new product, put on a mud school or do core barrel or diamond tool training. Sometimes, a customer simply has a good relationship with a member of the technical team, respects his opinion and may bring him in to pick his brain. I am going to start writing about some actual onsite visits starting with this one in Colorado.

Drilling Parameters: A New Guide for Diamond Drillers

Drilling parameters are really important when it comes to drillers achieving great drilling performance and long bit life. They help guide a driller avoid burning bits or damaging other drilling equipment. Diamond drillers have learned that there is a relationship between the drilling parameters and all others factors in drilling, such as the diameter of the equipment of you’re using, rock hardness or ground variability.

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