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The Drillers' Blog - Bits 'N Pieces

Because there is a ton to say about exploration drilling.

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Whether you work in diamond drilling or another industry, we all face some misconceptions about our jobs. For me, it appears that when people ask what I do and I tell them I’m a diamond driller, there are always false assumptions and some confusion.

The Driller's Blog - Bits 'N Pieces

Read on to discover a ton of in-depth articles on a wide varity of topics related to mineral exploration. Whether the topic is some advices on the selection of the right tool for the job, or insights of what it is to be a driller, we're sure you'll find a couple of nuggets in there. 


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About being a driller

In this blog we have provided a lot of information about how to choose equipment and how to take care of it properly. Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to look beyond the equipment part of the job and focus on how to do the job, or in the case of this blog, how not to do the job.

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