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Team, History & Values

About Fordia Powered by Epiroc

A proud member of Epiroc since 2019, Fordia works with its customers in mineral exploration to provide high-quality drilling solutions that include diamond tools, drilling equipment, accessories and services. Our solutions are designed to increase productivity, lower costs and make life easier for the drilling community.


We act as a partner who offers innovative products that meet the specific needs of drilling companies, while providing excellent customer service and knowledeable technical support. Our corporate culture is based on innovation and continuous improvement. We employ people in Canada as well as all around the world. We have offices on all continents, and our products are prouldy distributed in over 70 countries.

About Epiroc

TH60DH water well drilling rig


Epiroc is a vital part of a sustainable society and a global productivity partner for mining and infrastructure customers.  


We develop and provide innovative and safe equipment, such as drill rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment and tools for surface and underground applications. We also offer world-class service and other aftermarket support as well as solutions for automation, digitalization and electrification. Epiroc is based in Stockholm, Sweden, had revenues of SEK 40 billion in 2021, and has more than 15 500 passionate employees supporting and collaborating with customers in more than 150 countries.


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Led by an experienced and dedicated senior management team, our team includes more than 250 exploration experts. We all know that diamond drilling is hard work so we believe that the industry needs high-quality solutions that make life easier. We believe in sharing our drilling expertise and knowledge to increase productivity and lower costs.

Our History

Early beginnings

When it was founded in 1977, the original vision for Fordia was simple: develop state of the art manufacturing facilities, produce superior products, and provide responsive customer service.


For Fordia’s founder, Clément Paquet, making that vision reality was a challenge that took several years to meet. It required the assistance of a network of global contacts within the diamond drilling industry as well as significant investments.


At the beginning, Clément, along with his assistant and a furnace operator, ran the entire company, establishing the manufacturing and quality control processes, laying the foundations for the global company Fordia has become today.


As sales increased, a new generation of the Paquet family – Clement’s sons, Alain and Luc – entered the business. Alain shared his father’s love of sales and promotion, while Luc mastered the management and manufacturing functions.


The mining boom of the late 1980s, fuelled by flow-through share funding, created an enormous demand for diamond drilling products. The industry grew in size and the market became more competitive. Alain and Luc opened their first distribution centre in Val-d’Or, which is still in operation today.


Fordia was already investing in Research & Development, in order to produce the highest quality, high performance diamond tools for its ever-expanding customer base. The company was the first Canadian manufacturer to invest in a controlled-atmosphere furnace, a technology that allowed for greater production precision. As a result, Fordia was elevated into the ranks of world leaders in the production of impregnated diamond bits.


In 1993, the company expanded into South America, with the opening of Fordia SA Chile. Then, a wide array of offices and commercial agreements in foreign markets followed, specifically Australia (1996) and Peru (2004) as well as Europe and China (2007). Today, this ongoing global expansion continues. The little company that began with one man’s dream has become a global force, still proudly representing the ideals of its founder.

Joining Epiroc

On January 2, 2019, Fordia joined the ranks of the large Epiroc family, a supplier of equipment and tools for rock excavation in the mining and construction sectors. This union allows the two companies to join forces, in order to better serve the mineral exploration tooling market across the world.

Our Values

Fordia goal is simple - to help drillers improve their performance. But our values define how we achieve this as a team, with our partners.





Team Work

Value Creation

Awards & Recognitions

Several times over the years, Fordia has excelled among other companies in its category, winning several prestigious prizes

Canada Awards for Excellence

This program recognizes business excellence in quality, customer service and healthy workplace of world class private and public organizations. This is concrete evidence of an organization’s level of excellence.

2012 Grand Prix Québécois de la Qualité

This is the QSQ’s highest distinction and represents the first time that a company won the award in two different categories. All winners of the award are recognized for the quality of their management and business practices in all they do, and at all management levels. Fordia is proud of this prestigious award that recognizes the excellence of its management and overall performance.

HSBC International Business Award – Finalist

The HSBC International Business Awards recognize Canadian companies who have successfully taken their products and services to the world. In 2010, Fordia was nominated in the “Leadership in Latin America” category for its excellence in that field.

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Awards – Finalist

In 2007, Fordia was nominated in the “Manufacturing Company” category for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Awards in the region of Québec. That year, this prestigious prize celebrated the exceptional accomplishments of entrepreneurs over the years.

Important announcement from the MEDIE

On November 23, 2007, Fordia was selected by the Government of Quebec to host an announcement by Premier Jean Charest regarding an action plan for the manufacturing industry.

Cambior Prize

On November 23, 2005, at the Quebec Exploration Trade Show, the Quebec Mineral Exploration Association awarded Fordia the Cambior Prize for the best service company of the year, which is awarded annually to a company that sets itself apart by its dynamic nature as well as by its significant contribution to mineral exploration in Quebec and worldwide.

Quebec Quality Awards

In 2003, Premier Jean Charest awarded Fordia the Quebec Quality Award, which celebrates the performance of Quebec companies that are active on the international stage. The selection criteria for the prize are demanding and the prize awards companies that are the best in their category. A result of the Quebec Quality Movement, the prize highlights excellence in quality, continuous improvement and management processes that create remarkable results.

1997 Mercuriades – SME of the year

In 1997, the Saint-Laurent Chamber of Commerce recognized Fordia as company of the year at the 13th annual Alpha awards. Before winning this prestigious prize, Fordia won the Alpha for international business development and was a finalist in the “overall quality, marketing, environment and improvement” category, having been nominated in five categories of the Alpha awards. Winning the prize in two categories and being a finalist in four is a big honour, especially considering that there are more than 4 300 companies in the Saint-Laurent industrial park, the second largest in Quebec.

Canadian Bankers Association

Fordia was also honored by the Canadian Bankers Association as a well-managed SME.