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Exploration Drill Rigs

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Exploration Drill Rigs

Exploration that makes a difference

There are two main methods of mineral exploration. Core drilling, yields a solid cylinder shaped sample of the ground at an exact depth. Reverse circulation (RC) drilling, yields a crushed sample, comprising cuttings from a fairly well determined depth in the hole. Beyond that, the drill hole itself can provide a complementary amount of information, particularly by logging using devices to detect physical anomalies, similar to geophysical surveys.

To quantify the mineralization, and to define the shape, size and metal content of the de-posit, the step by step procedure in exploration activities is required. At every step of the procedure, the geologists examine the information at hand, to recommend continuing the exploration efforts.


While exploration has never been as challenging as it is today, advances in technology have meant that the most arduous and repetitive tasks of drilling can be confidently overcome – largely thanks to the rapid progress of advanced control systems and automation.

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We are happy to announce that as of August 2, 2021, all Canadian Fordia offices will be making drill rigs available to their customers. In an earlier blog this year, we announced that drill rigs would be available for sale in the USA and that proved to be successful, so Canada will now join the USA in adding drill rigs to their portfolio of drilling equipment for the mineral exploration industry.

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