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Ground Abrasiveness

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Abrasiveness is a ground condition that can cause headaches among many drillers. It can be difficult to drill through when present in any hardness of ground.
Abrasive ground and rock can wear down drill bits quickly and in the case of hard abrasive ground, iron ore poses a particular problem and is often referred to as a bit cemetery.
Luckily, there are core bits, such as the HERO Abrasive line, that have been developed specifically for abrasive ground conditions.
These bits have a special matrix consisting of alloys and diamonds that when combined, are very resistant to abrasive conditions and are easy to sharpen in the hardest conditions.
What’s more, their waterways are wider, making it easier to flush out cuttings.
You should consider waterway configurations that specifically address abrasive conditions.

“The HERO Abrasive line is a great addition that works well with the regular HERO line. For example, I usually recommend starting with a HERO 7 and once drilling gets difficult, I bring in the HERO 7 Abrasive. 90% of the time, it’ll get the job done!”


Rod McCoremick, Driller Ambassador



One solution that will help is the addition of a drilling fluid additive, such as Sand DrillDD-2000 or Ultravis.
These additives help increase viscosity which helps the cuttings rise from the bottom of the drill hole.

Cuttings tend to stay at the bottom

Even so, when drilling in soft but abrasive ground, drillers find that instead of being flushed and floating up, cuttings tend to stay in the bottom of the drill hole.
These cuttings of rock can damage the core bit prematurely. In the case of iron ore, there are even more cuttings clogging up the bottom of the hole and wearing down the bit.
To make matters worse, these cuttings become magnetic and stick to the rod, bit and other pieces of equipment.