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Everything You Need to Know About our Drill Rods

September 7, 2021

Posted by the Epiroc Exploration & OreBody Solutions team
Since our integration with Epiroc, we have been working hard at updating our guides and documentation.  Now, we are happy to report that a new, updated version of our free Guide to Protecting and Handling your Drill Rods is available.

Trying to extend the life of your equipment is always important, and this guide is full of tips to help you do just that. It describes common problems and solutions, along with useful products that help your drill rods last longer. The new guide has a fresh look, new photos and new products.


We invite you to download the free updated version and while you are doing so, let us tell you about our new drill rod catalogue. This is hot off the presses and full of detailed technical information you need when ordering.  You’ll be able to refer to this catalogue for drill rod depth capacity charts, drill rod dimensions, technical specifications, and more.  Get your version here

Our goal is to make drillers’ lives easier and improve drilling performance. We hope these guides help achieve that. If you need more information or help when choosing drill rods, or for maintaining drill rods, you should reach out to our technical support team who are always available for guidance.