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9 Best Products for a Driller's Gym Bag

posted by the Epiroc Exploration & OreBody Solutions team

January 24, 2018

For us guys who like to go to the gym after finishing a shift of diamond drilling, there’s nothing worse than forgetting some key grooming product that you need. Most guys will remember their towel, gym clothes and exercise stuff, but once you’re done and ready to meet up with friends, you may have forgotten some stuff that you have at home. So here’s a nice list of items you should have in your gym bag at all times.


You know that feeling when you’ve done some cardio and even after your shower, you’re still feeling pumped and a little wet? Well, old style deodorant applied to a soggy surface can leave you with a slimy coating. Check out some new products that go on dry so your shirt stays fresh. 

Waterproof sandals

The floors of common shower areas can be a breeding ground for germs and viruses that can cause plantar warts and other foot problems. Not everyone is susceptible to these viruses but why take a chance? Pack a pair of waterproof, rubber sandals in your bag and where them when you take a shower.

Hair Product

Like I mentioned above, sometimes you leave the gym after a shower and your head is still sweating because your metabolism is still going strong. I heard about this product for sweaty hair that has particles of powdered clay to sop up sweat. It also adds bulk and texture to hair that is limp. The product is called Quicksand.

Skin Product

The same way you don’t want to leave the gym feeling sweaty with your hair wet, you also don’t want to leave with face shiny. Get a skin product with clay that will moisturize without a slick feeling. You know from drilling in clay ground that it absorbs moisture. This product has clay to minimize oily shine and ginger root to reduce inflammation, and don’t bother telling me that men don’t use moisturizer.

Shaving gear

You never know when you might want to shave or manscape so always have a set of your favourite gear in your bag. Whether it’s an electric shaver or gel and razor, keep it handy. Sometimes, you can find a product that can multi-task by providing a shave gel, a beard lubricant, and a postshave conditioner, such as this one.

Your own soap or body wash:

The type soap stocked by gyms may not be the best quality. It can dry out skin, aggravate acne and stimulate oil production. So whatever type you prefer, pack it in your bag. If you like to use shower gel or body wash, it would be good to bring your own shower pouf so you don’t waste it. And if you’re prone to acne, get one with a scrub and make sure it contains salicylic acid to fight acne.

Skin Wipes

Skin wipes can have a bit of a bad reputation as they're seen as a lazy option to actually washing your face. However, when you’re in a rush, wipes are a great idea whether you are rushed at the gym, at a work site or pretty much anywhere. They are easy to carry and come in different types for all types of skin.

Foot powder:

A lot of the bad smell from a gym bags comes from running shoes, Keep some deodorizing powder in your bag so you can sprinkle some in your training shoes, or your street shoes. Pick one with cornstarch that will absorb moisture.


The finishing touch before you step outside should be your cologne. Keep a small trial size or travel size of your favourite so you’ll smell great. You never know who you might run into.

Getting some exercise when you’re away from a drill site can help clear your head and give you an energy boost. Even if you don’t work out at a gym, some of these items would be great to pack when you’re travelling. Remember, our goal is to make drillers’ lives easier and that includes when you’re not on a shift.

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