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Reaming Shells – A New Guide for Diamond Drillers

posted by the Epiroc Exploration & OreBody Solutions team

February 27, 2018

Reaming shells are an important component of drilling equipment. We wrote a blog not long ago about how to choose the length of your reaming shell. But there is still a lot of information about reaming shells that diamond drillers should know about.

The good news is that we wrote another free guide on reaming shells – the Diamond Driller’s Guide to Reaming Shells. This guide is free and available for download now.

Diamond Tools Fordia 2018

In it, we cover other pertinent information besides just the lengths available. You’ll learn about the different features of a reaming shell, such as pads, diamonds and size. We’ll also touch on what you need to consider when choosing your reaming shell – things like the probability of bore hole deviation or the ground conditions. Finally, we offer some tips and advice on using reaming shells.

The other good news is that we have just launched a new reaming shell, the Black Rhino. The Black Rhino is made for low torque drill rigs. It provides optimal performance with less risk of premature wear. The Black Rhino and the different sizes of White Rhino give you options. For those of you attending PDAC, you can see this new reaming shell at our booth #322. Make sure you drop by.



We enjoy providing our community of diamond drillers these free guides and we hope you benefit from the information contained in them. Our goal has always been to help you improve your drilling performance and accelerate the transformation of our industry. We know it can be a tough job and we hope our guides help make it a little easier.