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4 Reasons Why Our New Web Site is Good News for Drillers

posted by Rod McCoremick, Blog author, Fordia Powered by Epiroc

August 17, 2019

Some of the things that have made Fordia successful are our customer service and our willingness to listen to customers. Our goal is make driller’s’ lives easier and that applies to every part of their work life. Our new web site was recently revamped and one of the goals was to make it a better resource for our drilling community. How did we do that, you may ask?

Fordia 2019 Driller training

More, easy to find information

Part of the revamp involved making it easier to find the products visitors are looking for. Product categories have been broadened and we have more of our products online now. Finding the products should be simpler and quicker. In addition, popular products now have detailed descriptions, part numbers and lots of supporting documents so everything you need is in one place. We’ve added some new visuals as well.

More products

We will also be adding new products from Epiroc over the coming months, including products for reverse circulation drilling. If you want to make sure you keep on top of all the new products we’ll be adding, check in with the site often or subscribe to this blog.

Easier communication

Making it easier to communicate with us was also a priority. We have simplified the form you need to complete when you request a quote and the button can be found on the product pages. Also, the form to contact us is quick and easy to complete. Want to know where our offices are located? An interactive map is on the Contact Us page.

Expanded Technical team

In this blog, I often suggest that when you need guidance or advice, you can always contact our technical team. Helping you improve drilling performance is our goal, so we are really happy to introduce you to our expanded team. Don’t be shy to contact them if you have questions


A web site is an important resource and we want to make sure that in addition to helping you improve drilling performance, we are able to make your lives easier. This newly revamped website is just one way we can do this for our customers.