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International Standards for Diamond Drilling Equipment

posted by the Epiroc Exploration & OreBody Solutions team

September 23, 2021

Ever wonder about the different types of international standards that exist for drilling equipment? Are there more than just Imperial and metric? Why are they also referred to as DCDMA and CMS? If you want everything cleared up once and for all, then you should watch our video on international standards. It explains which dimensions are covered by the standards and which aren’t, why some diameters are referred to as a number and others as a letter, and how the size of the core sample will vary according to which system is used. It also explains the nomenclature of each system and explains what parts are standardized.

This video is quick to watch and easy to understand. If you’ve watched this video and have related questions, you can check out our other videos. Keep in mind that you can always contact our technical support team for help or guidance with drilling issues. Our goal is to improve drilling performance and accelerate the transformation of our industry.

Core Drilling Process Fordia 2021