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Visual deep dive into the core barrel

posted by Rod McCoremick, Blog author, Fordia Powered by Epiroc

November 2, 2021

The wireline core barrel is one of the most important pieces of diamond drilling equipment – it’s what you use to recover core.  We’ve written a lot about the parts of the core barrel: inner tubes, head assemblies, outer tubes and overshots but being able to actually see how these pieces work together while underground is really helpful.


This video has great graphics that show each part of the core barrel and how they fit and work together to recover core. It shows the movement of the drilling fluid, and the core as it is recovered. The video describes the purpose of each part and describes other types of equipment, such as core lifters and locking couplings, the difference between underground and surface overshots, and is chock full of interesting details. This is the video to watch if you want a clear and visual explanation of how the core barrel works.


The video explains how core samples from soft ground formations may need different treatment. If you need any further information about the topics in the video, for example, triple tube core barrels, you can always count on our technical support team for guidance. They have a wealth of experience to share, and their goal is improve your drilling performance.

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