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Watch our Video on Core Drilling Components

posted by the Epiroc Exploration & OreBody Solutions team

September 13, 2021

The next in of our series of videos about the diamond drilling industry is all about the components of core drilling. These videos are ideal for newcomers to the industry, and for workers looking to advance in their careers. We know that when you have questions, information can be difficult to get. It is why we produce so many guides, blogs and videos.

This video helps explain the drill core drilling process by describing the components and in particular, the drill string. You’ll learn about core bitsreaming shellscore barrelsinner tubesdrill rodscasing, how they all fit together and what their purpose is. The video does an excellent job of describing how core drilling works visually, with clear animation.

The video finishes by explaining that a round trip is made up of three major operations: drilling, retrieval of core samples and the resuming of drilling. If you are a visual person who learns better by watching than by reading, these videos are for you. Remember that should you ever need guidance or advice about drilling issues or challenges, you can always contact our technical support team. They are available to share their expertise because our goal is to make drillers’ lives easier and to improve drilling performance, one drill site at a time.