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National Scores Big with the DiscovOre System

posted by the Epiroc Exploration & OreBody Solutions team

November 29, 2019

The launch of the DiscovOre system generated a lot of buzz in the drilling world. Drilling companies are all happy to hear about a new product that claimed to improve safety at the same time as productivity. Companies committed to improving worksite safety were eager to try a core barrel that eliminated or improved safety issues while at the same time improving efficiency.

National EWP was one of the first companies to try the new core barrel system at customer site in Arizona. Shortening trip time is one of the best ways to improve drilling performance, so if drillers could do so without compromising safety, it would be a win/win situation. With many of its customers having very high safety standards, National has always been very committed to improving safety and was very interested in testing the DiscovOre system.

Although safety was the top priority for National, the test would measure “hit times”, the time it takes for an overshot to lock onto the coring assembly after it has fallen hundreds or thousands of feet through drilling mud. The National drilling team was doing a five-hole survey in difficult, highly fractured ground and was on the last hole. There were a lot of blockages that limited core lengths to only 5 feet or less.

Fordia 2019 Coring System