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DiscovOre Surface

The DiscovOre head assembly is a revolutionary new core barrel system that provides safety, speed and simplicity. The new design has eliminated the weak and potentially hazardous components of a standard core barrel, the spearhead and spring pins.


The DiscovOre ‘s safety measures are automatic, so no hands-on interaction is needed. It does not add time to the coring cycle, so productivity is maintained. It features a unique latch design that is robust and easy to replace. With its leveraged latches, inner tube jamming is virtually eliminated. A reduced length makes it ideal for underground drilling. What’s more, it converts quickly from underground to surface applications.


Maximum speed is achieved when the DiscovOre is combined with the Arrow 3S, an overshot designed for minimal water resistance.


  • No spring pins and no spearhead
  • Robust latches and spindle
  • Improved conversion head for all hole orientations
  • Improved latch engagement
  • Stabilized bearing assembly

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