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Greatest Diamond Drilling Tool to Fit in Your Pocket

posted by the Epiroc Exploration & OreBody Solutions team

One of our most appreciated tools is not a core bit or a head assembly. It’s something every driller uses, fits in a pocket and is absolutely free. What is it? It’s our technical handbook and the good news is that we’ve just updated it to include even more valuable information.

The new Epiroc Technical Handbook now has more complete and detailed information all in one booklet. We’ve included information about a wide range of products, including diamond tools, exploration tooling, and drill rigs.  Of course, we discuss safety on the drill stie as well.

Fordia 2022 Choosing Equipment

Everything a diamond driller could ever need to know is in this booklet: sizes of core diameters, drill rod diameters, weights, lengths, and other dimensions. Not sure about the water flow to the bit? Check the technical handbook and find out about the ideal amount of water along with all the other drilling parameters. Is the wear pattern on your bit causing you concern? Check out the illustrations in the booklet and find out what you may be doing wrong.

Well-organized drillers have lists of what they should bring to a drill site and the technical handbook should be on your list. It’s jam-packed with everything you may need to know while drilling on a site. Ask your Epiroc representative for the latest copy or you can get one here