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Top Reasons Why our Interactive ITH Catalog is Great

posted by the Epiroc Exploration & OreBody Solutions team

When it comes to product documentation, it can be tough to produce something really different, but I think we’ve done it with our latest product catalog. Our In-the-Hole, or ITH catalog, is a testament to our goal of making drillers’ live easier. This product makes it easy to order ITH tooling and equipment. How? Because it is interactive.

There are a few great time-saving features in this catalog.

Interactive table of contents

When you scroll down to the table of contents, you will find that the product names are hyperlinked. This means that if you click on one, it will take you directly to that page in the catalog. No more scrolling endlessly looking for your product, you simply click, and boom! You’re right there.

Easy search function

The entire catalog is searchable not only by the name of the product, but also by the part number. To do so, use the Find function, either a Control-F on a PC or a Command-F on a Mac. When you search, you will be shown every instance of that product and will be able to scroll through them.

Using this technique, you will also be able to see the part’s compatibility with certain sizes. For example, if you search for a hanger bearing, you will see every page where the specific hanger bearing appears and you will see its compatibility with different sizes.

Comprehensive information

This catalog has all the information you need about an in-the-hole product. You see all the parts in a particular assembly, the part numbers, the product descriptions, the options for different sizes of holes. We have also provided easy-to-understand, exploded-view schematics so you can see where the part fits in an assembly.  The schematics show every part, which is numbered and corresponds with a description and part number in the accompanying chart. It indicates the options for different sizes and will show if a part is not compatible with a particular size.

We’ve found that making these visuals available to drillers and helpers has increased product understanding and reduced mistakes when assembling the tools, or even with simple part ordering. Most of our catalog pages can be requested in a poster format to be displayed at a drill site location – to do so, please contact

New thin-wall products

The catalog was released last year but we have updated it with the addition of new thin-wall products. This catalog will be updated regularly to ensure its value to our drilling customers.

This catalogue is the ultimate resource for ITH products so make sure you check it out and download it here.  If you have any questions about the catalog, products or drilling in general, remember that you can always reach out to our technical support team. Their broad range of knowledge and expertise makes them another valuable resource.