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New Drill Rods with Double Start Thread Profiles

March 3, 2023

Rods Casing Adaptors 2023

Posted by the Epiroc Exploration & OreBody Solutions team

Outsmarting drilling challenges is and has been our focus for years. We do this by developing products that improve drilling performance. Innovation has always been important, and our R&D team has launched many new products that help make drillers’ lives easier. These new drill rods with a double start thread, called T2S threads, are a product that provides both better safety and improved productivity.

The T2S thread profile is based on the Tuff thread profile and when compared to a Q, it is longer and has wider crests. The profile is ideal for use with rod handlers and manipulators, keeping fingers away from the steel and preventing sprains and injuries to hands and other body parts.


The 2S refers to a double start – this means that there are two leading edges that catch the thread, with one 180 degrees across from the other. The connection is easier to find, with less cross-threading, and only half a revolution is required. In general, this makes threading drill rods onsite a quicker job and the rod is more robust. The main two advantages of a double-start thread are safety and efficiency.


Improved safety

The T2S thread allows for hands-free handling so making and breaking rods is done mechanically. This reduces the chance of injuries to hands and soft tissue. If threading by hand is necessary, then less rotation is required generating less fatigue and putting less stress on the wrists. There is also less chance of developing repetitive use injuries.


Improved efficiency

The T2S thread profile is easier to thread and eliminates jamming and wedging and there is less chance of the threads stripping. As a result, time is not wasted, and both drillers and helpers can focus on drilling more meters and putting more core in the box. Smooth starting improves both productivity and reduces wear, so you get the longest lasting drill rod threads. Drill rods that last longer means that drillers can get more meters per rod and will have to replace the rods less often so your bottom-line benefits.


More durability

In addition to excellent durability and high-quality craftsmanship, the T2S threads are heat treated to extend their life so you get the most from your investment. You can learn more about how to take care of your drill rods here.


The T2S rod threads are suitable for both surface and underground drilling and is currently available in N size. Check them out and see how much easier they are to connect. If you have any questions about these rod threads, you can always reach out to our technical support team who are always ready to offer tips and guidance with new products.