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Safer Overshot Release is Just a Few Clicks Away

February 26, 2024

2024 Coring System

Posted by Rod McCoremick


Who wouldn’t want a safer and more reliable way to release the overshot? For years, drillers used the standard release sleeve and experienced varying degrees of success. Sometimes, it would release reliably and sometimes there would be issues. This is why we’re happy to announce the Click Release, a new positive release system that allows drillers to release the overshot in a borehole more reliably. The Click Release is spring-loaded and by clicking and ratcheting the pawl on the sleeve, you can safely and reliably release the overshot.


At every PDAC, our team announces the launch of new products, and the Click Release is one of this year’s lineup. Whenever you need to release your overshot, this product makes sure you do it safely. The Click Release has safety features that make sure the overshot is not released unexpectedly or prematurely when you’re tripping your inner tube out of the hole.


Along with the improved safety benefits, the amount of time that the Click Release allows you save is impressive. If your equipment gets stuck going down the hole, you need to either cut the wireline or pull rods. This becomes a big expense because pulling rods can take an entire shift and no core is being retrieved during that time. If the hole is a deep one, it can take up to 12 hours to pull rods. By not having to cut the wireline, you can accumulate cost savings over time.

The Click Release was designed to work with the Arrow 3S overshot, a product with enhanced safety features. And the amount of time you can save increases because the Arrow 3S is up to 50% faster descending into the borehole. The Arrow 3S works with the DiscovOre and DiscovOre Prime coring systems which are two of the fastest and safest coring systems on the market. Combine the DiscovOre, Arrow 3S and Click Release and you have remarkable time savings and significantly improved safety. 


When we tested the Click Release for ten weeks with a customer in the Southern USA, it worked every single time. This kind of reliability is important when you’re trying to retrieve a stuck head assembly – you can save both time and money. The Click Release is also a great option for dry hole drilling when the overshot is used to lower an empty inner tube assembly to the bottom of a borehole.


You can read more about the case study here, and you can see the product in this short video or on our website. But if you really want to learn more, you should reach out to our technical support team. They are always available to help you improve drilling performance and accelerate the transformation of our industry.