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Arrow 3S Click Release

Click Release is a new and improved overshot release system, designed to work with the Arrow 3S Overshot. This positive-release system allows drillers to safely, efficiently and reliably release the overshot in a borehole.


The Click Release features safety mechanisms that prevent unexpected or premature release of the overshot in the hole or when tripping your inner tube out of the hole. The design also dramatically increases the reliability of overshot release at the bottom of the hole when compared to standard release sleeves, rendering the retrieval of stuck head assemblies less time consuming and less costly.


The Click Release also excels in dry hole drilling conditions when the overshot is used to lower an empty inner tube assembly to the bottom of a bore hole. Having the Click Release installed on your Arrow 3S Overshot, regardless of the type of drilling, ensures that in any event you need to release your Overshot in the borehole, it will do so in a safer and more efficient manor.


  • Safer, more efficient and more reliable means of in-hole overshot release
  • Ideal for dry hole conditions
  • Available in NH size
  • Rebuild kit also available

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In our last blog, we looked at the expression “pushing a block”, what it meant and why drillers should never try to advance in a hole when the core is blocked. However, in many parts of the world, especially where dry hole drilling is common, or when the hole is very deep, different advice and procedures should be followed.

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