Spill Kits & Absorbants

Spill Kit

No matter how professional your drilling team, accidents can occur. In such cases, acting quickly is crucial in order to prevent major environmental damage. Fordia offers spill kits, which feature emergency material to contain oil leaks and to control other critical situations.

Absorbent Mattresses & Squares

Fordia’s absorbent mattresses and squares are great tools for preventing critical environmental damage. Using Fordia’s performing absorbent accessories is a simple yet very efficient way to avoid problematic oil leaks and to protect the environment on all drilling sites.

spill kit absorbant1

spill kit absorbant2

spill kit absorbant3

spill kit absorbant4

spill kit absorbant5

spill kit absorbant6

Abs. roll 30''X150'meltblown oil only HD
Spill kit 14gal drum
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