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Triplex Plunger Water Pumps

For diamond drillers who want to avoid costly breakdowns and daily maintenance, Elepump pumps are the only choice. Renowned for their long life, Elepump triplex plunger water pumps are ideal when drilling operations are performed with clean water, or water with polymers only and without bentonite, concrete or other additives or solids.


Elepump water pumps are built to pump reliably with minimum maintenance, resulting in low costs and more profitable operations.


Superior construction features include: Made with high quality materials that include:
  • Triplex high pressure piston pump
  • Symmetrical crankcase
  • Single P.T.O. shaft
  • Long lasting ball and seat style valves
  • Splash lubrication
  • Die-cast aluminum pump body
  • Nickel-plated stainless steel head
  • Conical shaft bearings
  • Aluminum alloy connecting rods
  • Forged steel crankshaft
  • Crankshaft seals in viton
  • Guide pistons in surface-treated cast iron
  • Full ceramic cylinders
  • Stainless steel valves

Elepump KF-30 Water Pump

The Elepump KF-30 triplex plunger water pump is ideal to use with  diesel supply pumps and runs very well with a 10 hp diesel supply pump. It is a great choice when clean water without grit, sand or cuttings, is being used. Elepump water pumps can be configured for diesel, gas, electric and air power.


Elepump KF-40 Water Pump

The Elepump KF-40 is a standard size water pump that is ideal for the majority of drilling sites. This model continues to be the most popular water pump among diamond drillers due to its dependable long life and low maintenance requirements. Elepump water pumps can be configured for diesel, gas, electric and air power.


Elepump KS-40A Water Pump

The Elepump KS-40A water is similar to other KF water pumps but is very powerful and able to run at a higher speed. With a deeper crankcase cover, the KF-40A’s oil reservoir is larger, allowing it to run faster and harder, making a great choice for heavy duty applications. It has been designed for durability and long life and it requires minimal maintenance so drillers don’t have to worry about unexpected downtime. It is the ideal pump for directional drilling requirements and is able to pump up to 59 gallons/minute, making it suitable for directional mud motors in NWL size. Elepump water pumps can be configured for diesel, gas, electric and air power.


Technical specifications:

Pump Model Volume Pressure Power rpm Weight Kg. Dimensions mm.
L/min GPM bar psi kW HP
KF 30 106 28 200 2900 40 55 1000 69 526x367x253
KF 40 170 45 110 1600 36 49 900 69 526x367x253
KS 40A 226,00 59.7 140 2000 59.5 81 900 95 582x483x261

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