Accessories for Drilling Additives

Hydraulic Mixer

Fordia’s hydraulic mud mixers are built tough for durability and reliability. On all drilling sites, mud mixers are an essential tool for obtaining a perfect blend of drilling additives. This blend must be a homogenous mix of mud and water to maximize the lubricating properties of the additives so that the down-the-hole drilling equipment is protected effectively.

Viscosity Funnel

This conical-shaped funnel (also known as a Marsh Funnel) has a small bore tube on the bottom end and is used to measure the time it takes for drilling mud to pass through it. It is standardized for use in diamond drilling to check the quality of drilling mud and to ensure that the mix is optimal.

pH Indicator Strips

Optimize and economize on the use of your drilling additives with Fordia’s new pH indicator strips. These non-bleeding strips are ideal for the mineral exploration market and test the full 0 – 14 pH range.

Testing and adjusting the pH levels of water prior to the use of Fordia additives ensures your mix has a smoother consistency and enhanced viscosity so that you get better performance and less waste of additive products.

The strips are easy to read, provide sharp and clear colour graduations and do not bleed even in strong alkaline solutions. Each package comes with 100 strips.

  • Ensures additives produce a smoother consistency of mix and better viscosity
  • Performance of additive products is improved
  • Less waste of additive product
  • Reduction of expenses

mud mixer

viscosity funnel

ph indicator

Hydraulic mud mixer assembly
Mud mixer motor Parker
Viscosity funnel
Measuring cup for viscosity funnel
Test strips for pH 0-14 100 pc
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