Matex Air Drilling Additives

Matex additives for reverse circulation applications are ideal for reducing wear and tear on equipment and improving performance. Their environmentally safe formulation makes them a great choice for projects near water sources of where environmental regulations are in force.

RDO 302 ES

An environmentally safe product developed for reverse circulation DTH hammers. RDO-302ES rock drill oils are used to reduce wear and improve performance.

  • Ideal for areas adjacent to streams and lakes, or where groundwater protection is important
  • Lubricates more effectively than conventional rock drill oils
  • Reduces contamination of surface and ground water


An environmentally safe formulation that provides excellent protection against thread wear. Ideal for mineral exploration drilling projects where samples uncontaminated by heavy metals are required and groundwater contamination is of concern.

  • Free of both petroleum oil carriers and all heavy metals, such as lead, zinc, copper, aluminum, etc.
  • Highly resistant to water wash off


A unique cost-saving fluid formulated to stabilize the borehole wall. It can be used with down-the-hole reverse circulation hammers.

  • Reduces in-hole torque and increases your sample size
  • Eliminates regrinding of cuttings, leaving bigger chips for sampling purposes
  • Acts as a dust suppressant and reduces windblown fines


Foamer ES is a non-alcohol based, high performance foam that is ideal for use in air drilling applications. Its environmentally-friendly foaming agent makes it suitable for mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration and water well drilling operations. It provides immediate, tight foam with good lifting characteristics.

  • Offers excellent half-life when compared with other leading foams
  • Can be combined with Ultravis or Hole Control to provide significantly stiffer foam.

Air Drillling

Matex RDO 302 ES

Matex Hole Control

es thread compound matex

Matex RDO 302 1000L
Matex RDO 302 17.5kg
ES Thread Compound Matex
Foamer ES
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