Gator Casing Shoes

Gator casing shoes from Fordia, offer an excellent quality/price ratio. The Gator line of casing shoes includes Standard, Super, High Performance and Crown shoes so that no matter how tough the overburden, we have the ideal casing shoe.

Standard Gator casing shoe

Gator Standard casing shoes are an ideal and economical choice for drilling in easy overburden when the bedrock is not far from the surface.

  • Ideal for average or relatively easy overburden containing sand and gravel
  • Diamond height of 5mm

Super Gator Casing shoes

For more difficult overburden that contains a lot of gravel, clay or rocks, the Super Gator casing shoe is your best bet. The Super has better cutting properties and is a good choice when the bedrock is deeper.

  • Ideal for moderately hard overburden
  • Diamond height of 6mm

High performance Gator casing shoes

High performance casing shoes are ideal for very difficult overburden or when the bedrock is deep. You can choose from a selection of matrices developed for very hard ground and choose from a diamond impregnation height of 5 mm or 6 mm.

  • Optimal cutting properties when you need higher performance
  • Ideal for difficult overburden containing many rocks
  • Diamond height of 5mm or 6mm

Gator Crown shoe

When you need a highest performance product, choose our Gator crown shoes. With a crown shoe you get 8 mm of diamond impregnation in the crown, along with a different shape of crown that is more similar to a core bit. You can also choose from same matrices that are better suited to harder ground.

  • Optimal cutting properties for extremely difficult overburden containing many boulders
  • Diamond height of 8mm

Gator Casing Shoe

Gator High Performance

Gator Super Casing Shoe G

Gator Standard Casing Shoe G

Casing Shoes

NW Standard Gator, 5 mm
NW Super Gator, 6 mm
NW HO-thread Super Gator, 6 mm
HWT Standard Gator, 5 mm
HWT Super Gator, 6 mm, 10 WW
HWT Super Gator, 6 mm, 6 WW
HW-ID PO-OD HWT-thread Gator RT64, 8 mm
NW/HO Gator RT64, 8 mm
NW/HOFILHO Gator RT64, 8 mm
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